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Graessler, Iris; Scholle, Philipp; Hentze, Julian; Oleff, Christian // 2018
Changing requirements have a broad impact on product development processes. In this paper, a novel approach towards structuring requirements is proposed. Based on a requirements list, interrelations ...


Schulte, Jesko; Hallstedt, Sophie I. // 2018
Social and environmental issues are directly connected to many of the most important risks that product development companies are facing. Based on literature review and interviews, this study ...


Tegeltija, Miroslava; Oehmen, Josef; McMahon, Christopher Alan; Maier, Anja; Kozin, Igor; Škec, Stanko // 2018
While risk quantification research has grown over the last few decades, only a limited number of studies have addressed the overall process integration of these approaches in design risk management. ...


Villagrasa, Beatriz Martínez; Esparza, Danae; Cortiñas, Sergi // 2018
The rapid speed of technological advances, communication and the current market are constantly questioning the role of designers in society [2]. This context leads to novel questions about design ...


Wendrich, Robert // 2018
This paper presents the development and testing of a tangible user interface (TUI) project that includes the exploration of haptics, design processes, hybrid design tools and unconventional user ...


Zou, XingQi; Yang, Qing // 2018
In the complex R&D process, changes from function and component may cause uncertainties. To solve the problem, the paper builds Multi-domain Matrix (MDM) of “function-component-risk” to identify risk ...

A function- and embodiment-based failure analysis method for an in-depth understanding of failure mechanisms

Gladysz, Bartosz; Spandl, Lukas; Albers, Albert // 2017
Research studies have shown that there is an industry demand for improved failure analysis as well as failure documentation and this could be accomplished by model-based failure analysis methods. ...

A method for systematic elaboration of research phenomena in design research

Horvath, Imre // 2017
The mission of design research is to discover and investigate not or partially known phenomena, and to formulate statements concerning their manifestations and relationships with other phenomena. ...

A method for the tolerance analysis of bearing seats for cylindrical roller bearings in respect to operating clearance and fatigue life

Aschenbrenner, Alexander; Wartzack, Sandro // 2017
Roller bearings are used in a vast variety of mechanical applications and are often highly stressed machine elements. Therefore the fatigue life of roller bearings can determine the reliability and ...

Agile development and the constraints of physicality: A network theory-based cause-and-effect analysis

Schmidt, Tobias Sebastian; Chahin, Abdo; Kößler, Johannes; Paetzold, Kristin // 2017
Not only software development, but also many companies developing physical products (not purely software) face high uncertainties and dynamics which raises the need for agile practices well-proven in ...

An approach to handle uncertainty during the process of product modelling

Würtenberger, Jan; Lotz, Julian; Freund, Tillmann; Kirchner, Eckhard // 2017
Product models are the results of product modelling and are used for decision making during the development process. They are based on assumptions by the designer, which are made under a lack of ...

An exploratory study into the impact of new digital design and manufacturing tools on the design process

Corsini, Lucia; Moultrie, James // 2017
The study aims to understand the impact of new digital design and manufacturing tools on the design process. Digital manufacturing technologies are having far reaching impacts on design, however ...

Applying lean thinking to risk management in product development

Willumsen, Pelle; Oehmen, Josef; Rossi, Monica; Welo, Torgeir // 2017
This paper re-conceptualizes risk management (RM) in product development (PD) through a lean thinking perspective. Arguably, risk management in PD projects became a victim of its own success. It is ...

Breakthrough technologies: principle feasibility debates

Hein, Andreas Makoto; Jankovic, Marija; Condat, Hélčne // 2017
Designing new technologies involves creating something that did not exist before. In particular, designing technologies with a low degree of maturity usually involves an assessment of its feasibility ...

Challenges for integrating sustainability in risk management – current state of research

Schulte, Jesko; Hallstedt, Sophie // 2017
Numerous examples have shown how environmental and social issues can affect companies to an existential level. In fact, today’s most urgent business risks, e.g. brand value, legislative change, ...

Change propagation management by active batching

Oh, Gyesik; Hong, Yoo S. // 2017
Incremental design causes changes to an existing product by modifying or adding sub-systems. In the perspective of development process management, changes prolong duration and raise cost with ...

Creativity as a way to innovate successfully

Guenther, Agnes; Eisenbart, Boris; Dong, Andy // 2017
Selecting innovative design concepts for further development entails decision making under conditions of sometimes extreme uncertainty pertaining to technical feasibility and market potential. In ...

Decision design and re-ordering preferences: The case of an exploration project in a large firm

Le Glatin, Mario; Le Masson, Pascal; Weil, Benoît // 2017
Decision theory has been long applied to project management for risk and uncertainty reduction. Among the foundations, the manager is considered following axioms describing his rationality; the most ...

Design for robustness - Systematic application of design guidelines to control uncertainty

Freund, Tillmann; Würtenberger, Jan; Lotz, Julian; Rommel, Carmen; Kirchner, Eckhard // 2017
In Robust Design literature, the application of Robust Design guidelines is suggested as a measure to obtain a design that is more insensitive against variations. But it lacks a detailed and ...

Development of a knowledge-based system for help in decision making: A medical application

Coton, Justine; Thomann, Guillaume; Villeneuve, François // 2017
A part of the work of a physiotherapist consists on analysing its patients’ motion capacities. In the case of motion analysis, some difficulties can hinder the evaluation process: attention can be ...

Dynamic modelling of relationships in complex service design systems

Hassannezhad, Mohammad; Cassidy, Steve; Clarkson, P. John // 2017
Today’s market conditions such as globalisation and digitalisation have made it challenging to design an effective service system that can efficiently balance organisational service capacity and ...

Empirical study of ill-supported activities in variation risk identification and assessment in early stage product development

Bjarklev, Kristian; Mortensen, Niels Henrik; Ebro, Martin // 2017
The purpose of this paper is to present findings from an industrial case study about the support of activities related to identifying and assessing variation-related issues in the design during the ...


Hall, Ashley; Kann, Michael Geoffrey; Ferrarello, Laura; Pulley, Robert // 2017
Encouraging creative risk to reduce risk to life explores how a collaborative, cross disciplinary design research and teaching methodology can provide a platform for tackling projects in the complex ...

Engineering design resource planning: A case study in identifying resource forecasting opportunities in research project planning

Holliman, Alexander; Thomson, Avril; Hird, Abigail // 2017
Resource forecasting is a key element to project planning, this is particularly true for research and design. Due to uncertainties inherent in such fields, resource demand forecasting is a specific ...

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