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Acuña, Alejandro; Melón Jareda, María Elena // 2023
Learning the use of machinery for the transformation of materials, such as wood and metal, continues to be an important part of the training of architecture and industrial design students, due to the ...

Methods of change impact analysis for product development: A systematic review of the literature

Mordaschew, Viktoria; Herrmann, Jan-Phillip; Tackenberg, Sven // 2023
During product development, the customer or internal stakeholders initiate changes concerning the components or functions of a cyber-physical system (CPS). The complexity of such a CPS causes ...

Mitigating uncertainty in conceptual design using operational scenario simulations: a data-driven extension of the EVOKE approach

Bertoni, Alessandro // 2023
The paper presents an approach where the iterative replication of Discrete Event Simulations on future operational scenarios is used to derive data-driven design merit functions. The presented ...

Model-Based Systems Engineering using Security Design Patterns in the context of ISO/SAE 21434

Japs, Sergej (1);Faheem, Faizan (2);Anacker, Harald (1);Husung, Stephan (2);Dumitrescu, Roman (3) // 2023
The development of modern vehicles is complex, especially regarding compliance with security and safety. ISO/SAE 21434 considers security and safety along the entire product life cycle. According to ...


Acharya, Shakuntala; Bhatt, Apoorv Naresh; Chakrabarti, Amaresh // 2023
Problem-based learning (PBL) is an “instructional (and curricular) learner-centered approach that empowers learners to conduct research, integrate theory and practice, and apply knowledge and skills ...

Reducing the Risk of Patent Infringement

Stauffer, Larry // 2023
One life-cycle issue that is often overlooked in the design process is that of intellectual property (IP). Yet the IP associated with a product is a valuable asset of the company, sometime comparable ...

Solving tomorrow's design challenges requires new tools for large world decision-making

Ferguson, Scott (1); Drobac, Kye (1); Bryden, Kenneth M. (2) // 2023
Engineering design research has largely focused on normative models of decision analysis based on small world causal frames where uncertainty can be resolved as probabilities or probability ...

Supporting changeability quantification in Product-Service Systems via clustering algorithm

Machchhar, Raj Jiten; Aeddula, Omsri Kumar; Bertoni, Alessandro; Wall, Johan; Larsson, Tobias // 2023
The design of Product-Service Systems (PSS) is challenging due to the inherent complexities and the associated uncertainties. This challenge aggravates when the PSS being considered has a longer ...

Sustainable and resilient system development in a VUCA-world: An empirical study to develop a process orientated method of risk and technical change management in automotive industry

Lechner, Jennifer; Schlüter, Nadine // 2023
Revolutionary changes of a VUCA-world are effecting more and more industries. Focusing the automotive industry, this is caused by several new trends in technology or market. This situation is ...

Systematic optimisation process for an eBike Drive Unit in a highly variable environment

Steck, Marco (1,2); Husung, Stephan (2); Hassler, Julien (1) // 2023
Drive units of eBikes are used in every type of bicycle and for different riding scenarios and riders. Due to the different riders and bike types, an enormous variety of influencing parameters and ...


Gudur, Raghavendra Reddy // 2023
ABSTRACT We observed novice designers, especially the young, have difficulties empathizing with target groups who are significantly different from them in terms of age, capabilities, culture and ...

Text mining of resilient objects absorbing change and uncertainty

Panarotto, Massimo (1); Giordano, Vito (2); Chiarello, Filippo (2); Brahma, Arindam (1); Alonso Fernández, Inigo (1); Fantoni, Gualtiero (2) // 2023
The current ways of coping with uncertainty such as changes during product design or use have been through methods such as easy restructuring (e.g., modularity with buffer in interface definition), ...

The effects of scenarios on decision-making quality in early design – an empirical study

Parolin, Giácomo; McAloone, Tim C.; Pigosso, Daniela C. A. // 2023
Scenario planning is often used in design practice to foster futures thinking, reduce uncertainties and improve decision-making. Scenarios are especially relevant for innovation activities in ...

The Representation-Usage-Impact (RUI) method to better frame the potential social impacts of a highly disruptive product — Application to the autonomous vehicle

Lecomte, Robin (1,2,3);Yannou, Bernard (1);Cahen, Roland (2);Thibaud, Guillaume (3);Etienne, Fabrice (3) // 2023
Innovative products can be highly prospective and apt to disrupt usages profoundly. They can lead to multiple long-term social impacts influencing people's way of life and behaviour. So it is ...

Towards Agile Systems Engineering in Early Stage Design for Complex Naval Vessels

Paul Dahlke, Frank Mantwill // 2023
This paper presents an overview of methodological support to tackle the challenges of uncertain and complex requirements, amorphous procedures and increasing systems complexity in early stage naval ...

Uncertainty management in circular business model innovation - the case of circular plastics

Stingl, Verena; Fuglsig, Linea Vibe; Hoveling, Cecilie // 2023
The transition towards circular economy means a radical systemic shift that requires re-design and innovation of business models. However, this radical systemic shift also creates high levels of ...

Uncertainty management in product development portfolios: the impact of global sustainability agendas

Filipovic, Andy Mattulat (1,2); Welo, Torgeir (1); Willumsen, Pelle Lundquist (2); Oehmen, Josef (2) // 2023
Increased focus on sustainability significantly impacts product development portfolio management in organizations. This paper focuses on the significant unaccommodated uncertainty caused by the green ...

Utilizing the embodiment function relation and tolerance model for robust concept design

Li, Jiahang (1);Horber, Dennis (2);Keller, Christoph (1);Grauberger, Patric (1);Goetz, Stefan (2);Wartzack, Sandro (2);Matthiesen, Sven (1) // 2023
The early use of Robust Design (RD) supports the development of product concepts with low sensitivity to variation, which offers advantages for reducing the risk of costly iterations. Due to the lack ...

“We always think it's never going to happen to us”: Understanding What Motivates Communities to Engage in Emergency Preparedness

Maher, Tera; Toh, Christine // 2023
Community-based disaster risk reduction is an effective approach for emergency management to address the needs of communities. This approach focuses on identifying the community-specific needs and ...

Challenges Of Big-science: A Matrix-based Interface Model To Manage Technical Integration Risks In Multi-organizational Engineering Projects

Beernaert, Torben (1); Etman, Pascal (2); De Bock, Maarten (3); De Baar, Marco (1); Classen, Ivo (1) // 2022
Tomorrow’s big science systems are in development today. Success depends on global collaboration in which multiple international parties produce unique assemblies. Inter-organizational barriers, ...

Critical Function Prototyping of an Automated Cleaning System for Photovoltaic Panels

Freyer, Magnus; Christensen, Kim A.; Olsen, Anna; Steinert, Martin // 2022
Critical function prototyping (CFP) is useful when developing product service systems. Focusing on testing the critical component of the system first, as opposed to the whole system, saves resources ...

Dashboard-supported approach for feasibility and benefit analysis of Product-Service System-driven business models

Mahl, Tobias; Köhler, Christian; Collet, Philipp; Arnold, Dominik; Lins, Dominik; Kuhlenkötter, Bernd // 2022
Once a company decides to become a Product-Service System (PSS) provider, this inevitably means that the company's business model needs to be transformed. The development of a PSS is thus closely ...

Density-Based Topology Optimization for a Defined External State of Stress in Individualized Endoprosthesis

Patrik M // 2022
Endoprosthesis are exposed to the risk of aseptic loosening. The design of the prosthesis shaft to achieve physiological force application is therefore of great importance. Additive manufacturing ...

Designing Multi-Technological Resilient Objects in Product Platforms

Fernández, Iñigo Alonso; Panarotto, Massimo; Isaksson, Ola // 2022
Uncertainty challenges the ways companies use the notion ...

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