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Functional Safety Concept Generation Within the Process of Preliminary Design of Automated Driving Functions at the Example of an Unmanned Protective Vehicle

Graubohm, Robert; Stolte, Torben; Bagschik, Gerrit; Steimle, Markus; Maurer, Markus // 2019
Structuring the early design phase of automotive systems is an important part of efficient and successful development processes. Today, safety considerations (e.g., the safety life cycle of ISO ...

Future-oriented PGE-Product Generation Engineering: An Attempt to Increase the Future User Acceptance Through Foresight in Product Engineering Using the Example of the iPhone User Interface

Marthaler, Florian (1); Stahl, Sven (1); Siebe, Andreas (2); Bursac, Nikola (3); Spadinger, Markus (1); Albers, Albert (1) // 2019
During the process of product engineering, decisions with uncertain consequences have to be made about future development (Albers et al., 2017a). Customer, user and vendor requirements that are ...

How are End-of-Life strategies adopted in Product-Service Systems? A systematic review of general cases and cases of medical devices industry

Damha, Leticcia Giovana; Trevisan, Adriana Hofmann; Costa, Daniel Guzzo; Costa, Janaina Mascarenhas Hornos // 2019
Little study has been done on the adoption of End-of-Life (EoL) strategies on the medical devices industry, despite the reasons why it is an important area of study for the implementation of ...

Implementation of parameterized work piece deviations and measurement uncertainties into performant meta-models for an improved tolerance specification

Mller, Andreas Michael (1); Oberleiter, Thomas (2); Willner, Kai (2); Hausotte, Tino (1) // 2019
Geometrical work piece deviations are unavoidable and directly affect the function and quality of

technological products. Tolerance management is regarded as a crucial subtask of the development ...


Buck, Lyndon; Harlow, Richard // 2019
At a 2018 community workshop for the EU Horizon 2020 WATERSPOUTT project in Chikwawa, Malawi, villagers discussed water collection from the Shire river. WATERSPOUTT aims to provide safe drinking ...

Inconsistency management in heterogeneous models - an approach for the identification of model dependencies and potential inconsistencies

Kattner, Niklas; Bauer, Harald; Basirati, Mohammad R.; Zou, Minjie; Brandl, Felix; Vogel-Heuser, Birgit; B // 2019
In today?s engineering projects, interdisciplinary work leads to an increase in interfaces between different departments and domains. As each stakeholder pursues different goals and tasks, a ...


Tollestrup, Christian // 2019
One of the structural challenges of educating industrial designers in a university setting is the bridging the gap between the rigor of science in academia and the execution oriented practice. In ...


Yu, Shu (1,2); Yuizono, Takaya (1); Kim, Eunyoung (1) // 2019
Under the trend of innovative society and economic development, how to cultivate different types of innovative professional design talents in a more effective and practical way is an important ...

Intra-firm and inter-firm challenges in servitization ecosystem: Experiences from five product-centric firms in different industries

Chirumalla, Koteshwar (1); Emmanuel-Ebikake, Oyetola (2); Leoni, Luna (3); Servati, Mohsen (4) // 2019
The purpose of this paper is to analyse the challenges in the servitization journey of product-centric firms from an ecosystem perspective, considering both intra-firm and inter-firm levels. Prior ...

Method for Analysing Requirement Change Propagation Based on a Modified Pagerank Algorithm

Grã‡ler, Iris; Thiele, Henrik; Oleff, Christian; Scholle, Philipp; Schulze, Veronika // 2019
Complexity of products and systems is increasing through digitalization, interdisciplinarity as well as high technology maturity and new business models. In consequence, new product development (NPD) ...

Methodisches Entwickeln von Anforderungen in der Produktentwicklung

Young-Woo Song; Frederike Kossack; Beate Bender // 2019
Product development projects are bound by objectives of various stake-holders. In early planning and design phases. these objectives can be very vague due to uncertainties with regard to knowledge ...


Sandy, Margot Lynn // 2019
In the last 5 years, the demand for new goods has increased dramatically with the consumer products business seeing large gains in online sales and still some growth in brick and mortar stores. These ...


Inkermann, David; Lembeck, Hendrik; Brandies, Alexander; Vietor, Thomas // 2019
Modern technology, economy, organizations and social systems are characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Therefore, distinctive competencies in reflecting own thoughts and ...

Testing the robustness of circularity indicators: empirical insights from workshops on an industrial product

Saidani, Michael; Cluzel, Fran // 2019
Monitoring properly the circularity performance of technical products is a point of increasing importance. Yet, evaluating the circularity potential of products during (re)design and development ...

The cost of learning from failures and mistakes in product design: Reviewing the literature

Shafqat, Ali (1); Oehmen, Josef (2); Welo, Torgeir (1); Willumsen, Pelle (2) // 2019
In the design phase of product development (PD) process, most new products face significant uncertainties and risks. Uncertainty is typically associated with a lack of information, while learning is ...

The first steps towards innovation: A reference process for developing product profiles

Wilmsen, Miriam; D // 2019
Successful companies spend many of their resources in the initiation and realisation of innovation projects, which might be successful at the market. Especially in the early phase of these projects, ...

The Product Developer in the Centre of Product Development: A Systematic Literature Review on describing Factors

Albers, Albert; Heimicke, Jonas; Spadinger, Markus; Degner, Nadine; Duehr, Katharina // 2019
In the uncertain process of product development, the developer is decisively responsible for product success. He operates in a complex environment that directly influences his synthesis and analysis ...

Toward Better Design-related Decision Making: A Proposal of an Advanced OODA Loop

Vettorello, Mattia; Eisenbart, Boris; Ranscombe, Charlie // 2019
To be successful in innovation, organisations need to be dynamically adaptable to novel situations to avoid getting ?left behind?. Yet, they face vast uncertainties stemming from unforeseeable ...

Towards an uncertainty framework for Product Service Systems of Systems

Fakhfakh, Sarra (1,2); Hein, Andreas Makoto (1); Jankovic, Marija (1); Chazal, Yann (2) // 2019
Product Service Systems (PSS) are increasingly complex and collaborative. For instance, manufacturing companies, service providers, and other companies collaborate and jointly develop and operate a ...

Understanding the initial requirements definition in early design phases

Song, Young-Woo; Herzog, Michael; Bender, Beate // 2019
The definition of initial requirements in the early phase of product development is characterised as a decision process under highest uncertainties. Studies show that projects often deviate from ...

Using Open Source Code Libraries for Robust Design Analysis

Otto, Kevin; Wang, Jiahui; Uyan, Tekin // 2019
The design of systems today often involves computer simulation to assess performance and design margins. Understanding how variability erases design margin is important to assure adequacy of margins, ...

Variation analysis of design parameters of fibre-reinforced plastic parts

Franz, Michael; Schleich, Benjamin; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
Lightweight Design as an engineering domain is becoming more and more important in terms of sustainable mobility. Therefore, a large number of researchers is developing methods for utilisation of ...


Green, Stephen (1); Page, A. Freddie (1); De'ath, Paul (2); Pei, Eujin (3); Lam, Busayawan (3) // 2019
The volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) acronym is claimed to have been coined in the US Army War College and by 2014 was a ‘trendy managerial acronym’ . The term’s military ...


Stevens, John Simon // 2019
The Global Innovation Design (GID) Masters Programme aims to develop research and teaching collaboration opportunities between international academic institutions, and among a range of international ...

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