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Development of a Methodology for Technology Demonstration Projects Evaluation

Anastasia Stelvaga, Clement Fortin // 2022
To ensure optimal resource allocation in technology demonstration projects, the evaluation of demonstrators of various maturity, scale, and nature has to be carried out. Most of the existing ...

Development of Business Model Families for Product-Service Systems

Christoph Rennpferdt (1), Marco Bagusat (2), Dennis Bender (2), Dieter Krause (1) // 2022
To access new market segments, a growing number of manufacturing companies are changing their business models and are transforming themselves into providers of so-called Product-Service Systems ...

Estimation of Composite Laminate Ply Angles Using an Inverse Bayesian Approach Based on Surrogate Models

Michael Franz (1), Simon Pfingstl (2), Markus Zimmermann (2), Sandro Wartzack (1) // 2022
A digital twin (DT) relies on a detailed, virtual representation of a physical product. Since uncertainties and deviations can lead to significant changes in the functionality and quality of ...

Evaluation of Engineering Changes Based on Variations from the Model of PGE – Product Generation Engineering in an Automotive Wiring Harness

Albert Albers (1), Moritz Magnus Altner (1,2), Simon Rapp (1), Benjamin Valeh (2), Hans Redinger (2), Roland Winter (2) // 2022
Engineering change management is a central part of the product development process. This paper investigates how variations from the PGE - Product Generation Engineering can improve the evaluation of ...


Christianen, Susan (1); Fairburn, Sue (2) // 2022

Integrating Model-Based Design of Mechatronic Systems with Domain-Specific Design Approaches

Stephan Husung, Christian Weber, Atif Mahboob // 2022
In addition to the known approaches for product development new or supplementary approaches have emerged. An important approach in this field is Systems Engineering (SE) and Model-Based Systems ...

Outlining a Design Process for a Winch- Based Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter

Duraisamy, Rimmie; Andersson, Kjell // 2022
A product development process can help in understanding of the complex system dynamics involved in the designing of a Wave Energy Converter (WEC). Identification of the key risks and uncertainties at ...

Potentials of integrating MBSE and LCA to handle uncertainties and variants in early design stages

David Inkermann // 2022
There is an increasing need to support the evaluation of the environmental impacts of product concepts in early desig stages. However, the application of Life Cycle Assessment is challenged by the ...

Resnet networks for plausibility detection in finite element simulations

Bickel, Sebastian; Schleich, Benjamin; Wartzack, Sandro // 2022
Today, product design without Finite Element (FE) simulation is hardly conceivable. In addition, the market promotes shorter development times and a greater product variety. This combination poses ...

Robust Design Optimization of Mechatronics Systems: Parallel Electric Drivetrain Application

Albert Rosich, Carlos L // 2022
This paper addresses the problem of finding a robust optimal design when uncertain parameters in the form of crisp or interval sets are present in the optimization. Furthermore, in order to make the ...

Slow Fashion Accompanies Digital Towards a Sustainable Future: From Quantity to Quality. Reflections on the New Paradigm of Sustainable Fashion

Elena Pucci, Margherita Tufarelli, Leonardo Giliberti // 2022
The negative social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry refer to a global industry, with its ubiquitous supply chains driven by big brands that determine what to produce, where to ...


Kelland, Charlotte Alexandra; Brisco, Ross; Whitfield, Ian // 2022

Surface Roughness and Design for Additive Manufacturing: A Design Artefact Investigation

Didunoluwa Obilanade (1), Peter T // 2022
Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) brings the possibility to manufacture innovative near-net-shape part designs. But unfortunately, some designed surfaces suffer from rough surface finish due to ...

Tailoring a Project Risk Management Tool through Co-Design: Managing Risk in the Fuzzy Front-End of Construction Project Design

Andreas Claus Hansen (1,2), Pelle Lundquist Willumsen (1), Josef Oehmen (1) // 2022
The objectives and scope of a construction project is defined in the early design stage, the fuzzy front-end. This stage is crucial for project risk management and success, but traditional risk ...

The Value of Information in Clustering Dense Matrices: When and How to Make Use of Information

Felix Endress (1,2), Timoleon Kipouros (1), Tina Buker (3), Sandro Wartzack (3), P. John Clarkson (1) // 2022
Characterising a socio-technical system by its underlying structure is often achieved by cluster analyses and bears potentials for engineering design management. Yet, highly connected systems lack ...

Towards a Contemporary Design Framework for Systems-of-Systems Resilience

Kaya M. Dreesbeimdiek, Carl-Magnus Von Behr, Carol Brayne, P. John Clarkson // 2022
In an increasingly interconnected world, changes of uncertain nature and impact affect the functioning of human societies that depend on health, ecological, and economic systems. The proposed ...

Uncertainty Analysis of a Calculation Model for Electric Bearing Impedance

Peter Welzbacher, Steffen Puchtler, Anja Geipl, Eckhard Kirchner // 2022
The integration of Sensing Machine Elements (SME) is a promising approach to obtain reliable data about relevant process and state variables of technical systems. However, the quality and reliability ...

Use of Margin to Absorb Variation In Design Specifications: An Analysis Using the Margin Value Method

Arindam Brahma (1), David C. Wynn (2), Ola Isaksson (1) // 2022
Predicting the impact of changes in a design can be challenging, especially for complex designs. Margins are often built into the designs which can absorb the knock-on effect of such changes, ...

A DSM-Based Validation Tool for Leveraged Optimization of Internal Control

Hunter, Denise; Klinger, William; Dister, Carl; Browning, Tyson // 2021
When striving to ethically balance opportunity and risk, organizations can become overwhelmed by the number of interrelated processes that must be understood and managed. A DSM-based validation ...

A study of graphical representations of uncertainty in LCA guide

Tensa, M., Wang, J., Harris, R., Faludi, J., & DuPont, B. // 2021


Jensen, Amalie Damsgaard; Håkonsen, Eline; Keitsch, Martina // 2021
Design as an academic discipline requires a good deal of practice-based research and learning. By the same time, design theory and its findings and reflections become increasingly important for ...

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