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Joshi, Purba; Sinha, Sharmila // 2019
Creativity forms the base for innovation. Successful implementation of a creative idea can lead to innovation. As per De Bono, creativity deals with the transformation of existing ideas, views and ...

Abductive inferences in strategic design decisions

Kroll, Ehud (1); Koskela, Lauri (2) // 2019
The overall strategy of designing is addressed. The design decisions that have a major impact on the direction in which the process evolves are termed ?strategic?, and here we study them from the ...

Agile Lightweight Design - the Extended Target Weighing Approach in ASD - Agile Systems Design using functional Modelling with the C&C?-Approach

Albers, Albert; Matthiesen, Sven; Revfi, Sven; Sch // 2019
The context of product development can be understood as transformation of needs into technical solutions under the continuous handling of uncertainties. These result particularly in early development ...

An Approach to integrate risk management in cross-structure SysML-models

Kunnen, Steffen Georg; Adamenko, Dmytro; Pluhnau, Robin; Nagarajah, Arun // 2019
Demands on developers are increasing due to the growing complexity of products in engineering. As many different disciplines are involved in planning the communication and data exchange becomes ...

An Overview and Classification of Tolerance Compensation Methods

Aschenbrenner, Alexander; Schleich, Benjamin; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
Technological advances as well as novel manufacturing and design paradigms, such as industry 4.0 and digitalization, offer new opportunities for innovative products. However, they also increase the ...

Analysis and Synthesis of Resilient Load-carrying Systems

Schulte, Fiona; Kirchner, Eckhard; Kloberdanz, Hermann // 2019
Resilient systems have the capability to survive and recover from seriously affecting events. Resilience engineering already is established for socio-economic organisations and extended network-like ...

Analysis Of The Consequences Of Disrupting Events On Ongoing Product Development Projects: The Cascading Effects Of Severe Influences

Guaragni, Fausto (1,2); Ortt, Roland (2); Paetzold, Kristin (1) // 2019
The initial planning of the development of complicated products usually requires time and efforts. However, even the most accurate plans are not able to cope with all the uncertainties that might ...

Budgeting for Agile Product Development

Vierlboeck, Maximilian; G // 2019
Recent reports and predictions indicate a consistent and continuous growth in the field of Research and Development. Such growth leads to increased resource investments, which have to be managed ...

Comparison of existing agile Approaches in the Context of Mechatronic System Development: Potentials and Limits in Implementation

Heimicke, Jonas; Niever, Manuel; Zimmermann, Valentin; Klippert, Monika; Marthaler, Florian; Albers, Albert // 2019
The development of mechatronic systems has always been characterized by continuous handling of uncertainties. This challenge, which is associated with dynamic changes in the development context, is ...

Computational Simulation as an organizational prototyping tool

Dosi, Clio; Iori, Manuel; Kramer, Arthur; Vignoli, Matteo // 2019
This case study deals with a redesign effort to face the overcrowding issue in an Emergency Department (ED). A multidiscinary group of healthcare professionals and engineers worked together to ...


Torrisi, Vanna Savina (1); Manfredi, Sabato (2); Iacopini, Iacopo (3); Latora, Vito (4) // 2019
Creativity, technology and innovation are the main driving forces of our modern world and they often trigger behavioural and cultural changes in our societies. Several studies on creative ...


Bruno, Carmen; Canina, Marita // 2019
Creativity - the ability to produce novel and useful ideas (Amabile, 1988) – has become a democratic necessity and the most important human skill to face the uncertainties brought by the digital era ...

Current challenges of Agile Hardware Development: What are still the pain points nowadays?

Atzberger, Alexander; Paetzold, Kristin // 2019
Originally developed for the software industry, agile development is being applied in the hardware field nowadays as well due to its benefits when having to deal with volatile, uncertain, complex and ...

Design interventions for promoting the mental health of young academics

Ma, Sanghyun; Ruensuk, Mintra; Kim, Chajoong // 2019
It is essential to graduate students to contribute researching in their academic field. Although it leads to the success of academic career path, the students are more at high risk of mental health ...

Designing risk management: Applying value stream mapping to risk management

Willumsen, Pelle (1); Oehmen, Josef (1); Rossi, Monica (2) // 2019
Risk management (RM) in new product development (NPD) is often implemented as a standardized framework and ends up being carried out as a tick the box, non-value adding activity. To avoid this ...

Early stage model based system design under uncertainties

Oizumi, Kazuya; Ito, Akio; Aoyama, Kazuhiro // 2019
System design at the early stage of design plays an important role in design process. Model based systems engineering is seen as a prominent approach for this challenge. System design can be explored ...

Eco-Innovation by Anticipatory Failure Determination (AFD) Method

Chen, Jahau Lewis; Hung, Chuan-Jr // 2019
This paper presents an eco-innovation method by revised the ?Anticipatory Failure Determination (AFD)? method which is the failure analysis tools in TRIZ theory. Using the functional analysis to list ...


Finlay, Jamie Patrick; Papworth, Adam // 2019
According to the Royal Academy of Engineering (2014) engineering education is changing in a way that stifles, and indeed suppresses the creative and innovative capacities of students at a time when ...

Estimating the Impact of Design Automation: the Influence of Knowledge on Potential Estimation

Rigger, Eugen (1,2); Lutz, Alexander (2); Shea, Kristina (2); Stankovic, Tino (2) // 2019
Assessing the impact of design automation on design practice prior to its implementation is difficult and subject to uncertainties. One reason for this is the designers' lack of knowledge about ...


Germany, Jason O'Neill; Lund, Justin // 2019
Designers have long embraced uncertainty as a profession. Iterative approaches to problem solving and a desire to develop these alternatives into a final concepts are the underlying structure of the ...

Functional Safety Concept Generation Within the Process of Preliminary Design of Automated Driving Functions at the Example of an Unmanned Protective Vehicle

Graubohm, Robert; Stolte, Torben; Bagschik, Gerrit; Steimle, Markus; Maurer, Markus // 2019
Structuring the early design phase of automotive systems is an important part of efficient and successful development processes. Today, safety considerations (e.g., the safety life cycle of ISO ...

Future-oriented PGE-Product Generation Engineering: An Attempt to Increase the Future User Acceptance Through Foresight in Product Engineering Using the Example of the iPhone User Interface

Marthaler, Florian (1); Stahl, Sven (1); Siebe, Andreas (2); Bursac, Nikola (3); Spadinger, Markus (1); Albers, Albert (1) // 2019
During the process of product engineering, decisions with uncertain consequences have to be made about future development (Albers et al., 2017a). Customer, user and vendor requirements that are ...

How are End-of-Life strategies adopted in Product-Service Systems? A systematic review of general cases and cases of medical devices industry

Damha, Leticcia Giovana; Trevisan, Adriana Hofmann; Costa, Daniel Guzzo; Costa, Janaina Mascarenhas Hornos // 2019
Little study has been done on the adoption of End-of-Life (EoL) strategies on the medical devices industry, despite the reasons why it is an important area of study for the implementation of ...

Implementation of parameterized work piece deviations and measurement uncertainties into performant meta-models for an improved tolerance specification

Mller, Andreas Michael (1); Oberleiter, Thomas (2); Willner, Kai (2); Hausotte, Tino (1) // 2019
Geometrical work piece deviations are unavoidable and directly affect the function and quality of

technological products. Tolerance management is regarded as a crucial subtask of the development ...

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