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Fargnoli, M.; Laurendi, V.; Tronci, M. // 2010
The field of machine safety has recently received new issues by the introduction of the directive 2006/42/CE in EU Countries. The impact of this novelty is significant because of the new Essential ...

Developing Enterprise Opportunities from Placements to Graduate Consultancy in Lean Sustainable Design

Humphries-Smith, Tania Maxine; Hunt, Clive // 2010
This paper reports on the adaption of a model for consultancy of using graduates working on a contract basis for Bournemouth University (BU) but within a client organisation, and managed by a
member ...

Identifying Critical Areas for Styling Data Based Simulation to Evaluate Perceived Quality Related to Non-Rigidity

Wagersten, Ola; Söderberg, Rikard // 2010
When handling mass-produced parts in the automotive industry it is of great importance to take into consideration the geometrical variation that will occur as a result of the
manufacturing process ...


Kreye, M. E.; Goh, Y. M.; Newnes, L. B. // 2010
In the early product design stage, considering the Through Life Cost and uncertainty are important. However, the information given to the decision maker is often limited, resulting in a large level ...

Modelling Risk Interactions to Re-Evaluate Risks in ProjectManagement

Fang, C.; Marle, F.; Vidal, L.-A. // 2010
In order to manage risks in complex project, interactions must be integrated with classical characteristics of risks, and propagation behaviour in risk network needs to be analysed. Design Structure ...

Modelling the Influence of Uncertainty – Process Architecture andFeedback Dynamics on PD Projects

Le, H.N.; Wynn, D.C., Clarkson, P.J. // 2010
ed in a DSM, and high-level project and management strategies, as represented in the feedback loops of an SD model. Furthermore, a typical source of uncertainty found in many PD projects – ...

PEM – a New Matrix Method for Supporting the Logic Planning ofSoftware Development Projects

Kosztyán, Z.T.; Kiss, J. // 2010
Nowadays the notion of ’project’ is often used, however, it is important to make difference between projects. In the followings we make distinction between two groups. In the first group there are ...

Product Development Principles in a Changing World

Ottosson, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stig // 2010
In the rapidly changing society the classical planning and management principles can be used only for relatively stable situations. Changing to a dynamic philosophy as a core view increases ...


Yannou, B.; Wang, J.; Yvars, P. A. // 2010
In the context of the Usage Coverage Model of a product-service, design parameters are linked to expected usages that must be covered. This paper implements a physics-based model to provide a ...


Mathias, J.; Kloberdanz, H.; Engelhardt, R.; Birkhofer, H. // 2010
In this paper, a catalogue of tools is developed in order to support the design of robust products. Here, disturbances are considered which arise from the environment and have an impact on the ...


Högman, U.; Johannesson, H. // 2010
The aim of this article is to contribute experience gained from developing, implementing and using a normative model for technology development based on the stage-gate model. A modified stage-gate ...

Using an Enrich Semantic in Design Structure Matrix (DSM) toGenerate Less Uncertain Concepts

Holley, V.; Yannou, B.; Jankovic, M. // 2010
In the context of new product development, highly constrained multi-disciplinary systems are difficult to design and generally lead to a non-optimal but acceptable solution (Seepersad, 2008). Such ...

Using DSM Approach to Manage Interactions between Project Risks

Marle, F. // 2010
The purpose of this paper is to introduce the Project Risk Interactions Management (PRIM) process and its associated tools and techniques. The aim is to assist project manager and project members to ...

A General Management System for Design Outsourcing

Dandache, Moustapha Rakan; Bocquet, Jean Claude // 2009
Industrial firms are recently turning to outsourcing design. Unlike in manufacturing the context in design is characterized by a lot of uncertainty. Technology and knowledge are critical when ...

A Highly Flexible Project Maturity Management Method for the Early Phase of Product Development

Jahn, Tobias; Binz, Hansgeorg // 2009
The development process of innovative systems, especially in the very early phase, is characterized by high uncertainty and has high influence on the succeeding development tasks. But still it lacks ...

A Method for Evaluation of Product Lifecycle Alternatives under Uncertainty

Kota, Srinivas; Chakrabarti, Amaresh // 2009
In each stage of product development, we need to take decisions, by evaluating multiple product alternatives based on multiple criteria. Classical evaluation methods like weighted objectives method ...

A Taxonomy of Collaboration across in Supply Chains

Zolghadri, Marc; Eckert, Claudia; Zouggar, Salah; Girard, Philippe // 2009
The success or failure of a product design and development (PD) project depends strongly on the right contributions from its various suppliers. This is specifically the case when these suppliers do ...

Approaches to Mitigate the Impact of Uncertainty in Development Processes

Chalupnik, Marek J.; Wynn, David C.; Clarkson, P. John // 2009
The inherent complexity of Product Development (PD) processes, coupled with competitive pressures to deliver products cheaper, faster better, has been a significant source of difficulties in planning ...

Assessing Impact Analysis Practice to Improve Change Management Capability

Kilpinen, M. S. ; Eckert, C. M.; Clarkson, P. J. // 2009
Impact analysis (IA) methods and tools support designers in determining the consequences of design changes. As such, the risk of unanticipated propagation of changes, in which an initiating ...

Collaborative Product Development: How to Make the "Buy Design" Decision?

Le Dain, Marie-Anne; Calvi, Richard; Cheriti, Sandra // 2009
This article focuses on the design or buy design decision process and aims at proposing a structured approach enabling to support the decision-making within a new product development (NPD) project ...

Comparative Study of Environmental Evaluation Assessment Using Exergetic LCA Implemented in Existing Software and a Novel Exergetic Approach during the Early Design Phase

Medyna, Galina; Coatanéa, Eric; Millet, Dominique // 2009
Current environmental evaluation analysis methods such as LCA require detailed information about the studied product or process. This leads to uncertain or wrong results when applied during the early ...

Dealing with Uncertainty in Design Practice: Issues for Designer-Centered Methodology

Daalhuizen, Jaap; Badke-Schaub, Petra; Batill, Stephen Marc // 2009
Design is at the core of successful innovation. While working on innovation projects designers have to deal with the uncertainty associated with complexity, multi-disciplinarity and outcomes that in ...

Design and Development of Low Cost Rolling Cylinder Rover (Cybot)

Kapur,Pulkit // 2009
Mobile robots are increasingly being used in high risk, rough terrain applications. Researchers are trying to find energy ef cient and low cost means to provide multi terrain mobility. This paper ...

Designing an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Engineering and Management

Ekman, Sten; Ekman, Annalill // 2009
The purpose of this paper is to discuss how to design entrepreneurial mindsets in different academic cultures and its motives with focus on engineering and management education. Empirical data are ...

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