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The use of Formal Aesthetic Principles as a Tool for Design Conceptualisation and Detailing

Ali, Abu; Liem, Andre // 2014
The practice and teaching of form-giving typically takes the starting point in enhancing the intuitive and explorative approach of form giving rather than employing available structured methods for ...


Shi, L.; Gopsill ,J.A.; Snider ,C.M.; Jones ,S.L.; Newnes, L.; Culley ,S.J. // 2014
The increasing complexity of current engineering projects causes uncertainty for project execution, and creates challenges for project design and management. To attempt to reuse the information of ...


Luft, T.; Reitmeier, J.; Wartzack, S.; Paetzold, K. // 2014
As the product development process is a knowledge and information handling process, information acquisition, processing and sharing is very important. However, information is often subject to ...

Using Importance Measures of Risk Clusters to Assist Project Management  (Members only )

Fang, C.; Marle, F. // 2014
In this paper, we present an innovative approach for measuring importance of project risks at a group level. First, a simulation-based risk network model is used to account for risk interactions ...

Using System-Level Simulation in Early Mechatronic Design Stages

Dohr, Fabio; Vielhaber, Michael // 2014
Simulation has become indispensable in engineering design. That is the reason why the authors developed a framework for simulation-based design of mechatronic systems where system simulation is ...

Valuation of Adaptability in Carbon Fibre Placement Systems

Schrieverhoff , Phillip; Haupt , Sebastian; Goessl , Andreas; Saavedra, Cristina Carro; Lindemann , Udo // 2014
The paper at hand builds up on the fundamentals developed within the field of Real Options Analysis (ROA) and presents the monetary assessment of two Architectures of a Carbon Fibre Placement System ...


Schrieverhoff, P.; de Neufville ,R.; Lindemann, U. // 2014
The evolution of stakeholder needs and the resulting desire to adapt system properties to those needs is key to high lifecycle value of enduring systems. The paper contributes to the assessment of ...


F // 2014
The design and development of new products targeted at unknown market segments is related to challenges such as uncertainty in regard of customers’ quality demand. For successfully developing new ...

Waste as a Starting Point - How to Educate Design Students to Become Active Agents in Closing Material Loops

Ordo, Isabel // 2014
The Waste to Design project gives students a framework to do their thesis on trying to use industrial waste for new production. The first year of the project saw four theses, shedding light on the ...

A methodology to support strategic design and management decision-making in entrepreneurial systems: A case study in mobility on demand (MoD) transportation

De Lessio, Mark P.; Cardin, Michel-Alexandre; Astaman, Angel; Djie, Valerie // 2013
This paper introduces a methodology to support strategic design and management decision-making in entrepreneurial systems that are called to evolve towards more complexity. It describes a framework ...

A multiple case study of small business upstream supply chain uncertainties in rapid productization

H // 2013
This study aims at highlighting the use of upstream supply chain in Rapid Productization (RP) by analyzing upstream supply chain practices in small firms. RP is a process of quickly supplementing a ...

A system-level thermal design specification development of electronic products considering software changes

Muraoka, Yoshio; Seki, Kenichi; Nishimura, Hidekazu // 2013
Realizing the market demand for small size and fast processing speeds, thermal design is one of the major challenges in the development of electronic products. In addition, there are many software ...

Agile project management for root cause analysis projects

Kim, Sun K.; Mont, Javier // 2013
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) projects face the issue of frequently changing requirements. When a high degree of uncertainty exists in such a project, traditional project management or the linear DMAIC ...

An approach to generate flexibility in engineering design of sustainable waste-to-energy systems

Hu, Junfei; Cardin, Michel-Alexandre; Poh, Kim-Leng; Chia, Eng Seng // 2013
Designing an engineering system that is sustainable both environmentally and economically is a challenging and emergent task. This paper considers embedding flexibility into the engineering design of ...

An integrated screening framework to analyze flexibility in engineering systems design

Ranjbar Bourani, Mehdi; Cardin, Michel-Alexandre; Chong, Wen Sin; Atapattu, Ravindu; Foo, Kok Seng // 2013
This paper presents ongoing development for a novel integrated screening framework for flexibility analysis considering multi-domain uncertainty sources and multi-criteria for designing complex ...

An integrative design analysis process model with considerations from quality assurance

Eriksson, Martin; Motte, Damien // 2013
Computer-based design analysis activities are an essential part of most product development projects in industry. An effective integration of the analysis activity into the product development ...

Application of dynamic value-attribute modeling in a product family

Withanage, Chathura; Moon, Seung Ki; Park, Taezoon; Duc, Truong Ton Hien // 2013
Product families are used as a solution to cater the needs of diversified user groups, while minimizing the usage of resources. However, today's design decision makers require additional capabilities ...

Architecting systems for optimal lifetime adaptability

Engel, Avner; Reich, Yoram // 2013
System architecture decisions such as the assignment of components to modules can have a large impact on the system’s lifetime adaptability and cost. We broaden systems architecting theory by ...

Assumptions for incremental innovations in SMEs

Watty, Robert // 2013
Innovation is an precondition for the success of companies in today’s markets to differentiate from their competitors. Particularly ‘radical’ innovations are addressed in numerous research ...

Clarification of sustainability consequences of manufacturing processes in conceptual design

Hallstedt, Sophie; Isaksson, Ola // 2013
In the conceptual design of aircraft jet engine components, not only the product architecture and dimensions are set but the associate manufacturing processes are also defined. From a design decision ...

Complexity management in plant engineering

Maurer, Maik; Wölfling, Christian // 2013
Complexity is a major challenge in plant engineering projects. Participants in German plant engineering industry experience delays, cost overruns and stakeholder deception in complex projects. ...

Compose or decompose - resource allocation in engineering design projects

Berglund, Anders // 2013
This is a paper that reviews the planning, execution and reflection of the collaborative writing efforts made by students when composing their final design project reports. Past research has ...

Consumer preference estimation from Twitter classification: Validation and uncertainty analysis

Stone, Thomas Michael; Choi, Seung-Kyum // 2013
In recent years, the membership and activity of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other user-generate content sites has experience significant growth. Users express their opinions regarding a wide range ...

Current industrial practice of managing risks in product development project portfolios

Weng, Richard; Oehmen, Josef; Ben-Daya, Mohamed; Finke, Gandolf // 2013
Managing portfolios of development and engineering projects currently presents significant challenges to companies. This is even more the case in the management of portfolio risks, where both ...

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